Progress bars are like video games for stupid people

I am finally back home, and it is good to be back. I missed my ladies while I was gone, but I was also extremely busy the entire time so I didn’t have much time to do that missing.

The trip started off in Austin, which was still weird, but I am liking it better there every time we go back. Not only is there good music in many of the restaurants downtown but you hear quality stuff just walking around out side. Jamie’s Spanish Village is our regular spot, but I am convinced there are better places around. Plus it may be in the worst place downtown. Not your best neighborhood.

Most of the time in Austin was spent in meetings where the big important people discussed big important things that—mostly—didn’t concern me. I actually had to leave their company offices to run to a coffee shop to get an internet connection so I could do some very urgent work for that company that refused to give me an internet connection.

After Austin, I opted to not return to DC with my coworkers, but to go to Fort Worth ad visit family. I basically invaded Claudia’s house and she spent the better part of the weekend entertaining me when I wasn’t caught up in extremely urgent graphics work for the aforementioned company. It was good to see my cousins again, the crazy pair they are. My Grandpa Jim was looking thin and it was very odd to see him using a walker, but he seemed to be in good spirits. I think he will enjoy Leah’s visit next month.

Claudia dropped me off at a shuttle on Monday so I could make the trip to Vegas. Once I got there I met up with the boys from work and the CES whirlwind started. Navigating the Hotels to find check-in and the different keynotes was a major hassle—apparently they don’t allow the conferences to post signs anywhere. There are very few maps and the signage is ambiguous. Its like once they get you inside they don’t want you to leave. We eventually got our badges and even found the big keynote the next morning. Got some great seats and I watched as my boss played the business game with investors, partners and clients. I wasn’t into that as much as making my way around to look at all the cool new toys. I got to play with the OLPC computer, new moto phones and all sorts of crazy video games. It was great walking up to random booths and geeking out over the stuff the had. I could tell if it was an engineer or a business/sales/management person in the booth in 10 seconds flat. I tried to talk exclusively to the nerds, they were much more fun.

I witnessed many of those biz-sa-man types acting like they were way more important than they were. Typically they would be very condescending and expect the unreasonable out of a given company’s products. They would scoff and thrash about if the rep didn’t promise to meet their demands.

The hotel we stayed in was crazy cool, albeit far from the strip. I recommend the Red Rock, but only if you are going to rent a car. Parking on the strip is much easier than you’d think.