Smores and Foofs: Smfoof

I spent most of last week in Austin with work, then we headed out to San Diego for an entire day before getting home just in time for my birthday. My ladies and I had a nice birthday weekend, very low key. We spent a lot of the weekend hanging out in the basement near a nice fire. Smores and foof chairs for everyone. Kelly got Leah and I matching Virginia Tech hoodies—the best birthday presents ever.


Things at work have seemed to calm down. That’s mostly because our “partner” has decided to not actually do anything at all, so we can just do it. Sad thing is it reduces the amount of work we have to do. Thus the reason for the quote marks around partner.

Christmas is fast approaching and we are completely unprepared. Normally Kelly handles all the Christmas shopping for us, but her little helper is impairing the ability to waste hours running around malls. We wanted to try and do all our gift shopping online, but I am worried we missed the deadline for shipping in time for Christmas. So if you get a gift card from us please don’t think we are anti-thoughtful, we are just first time parents who like our baby too much to drag her to an over crowded tysons corner after her bed time.

I actually went to wushu last night, first time in a few weeks. Stephon is back and it seemed like he never left. Heck it was better than before he left. I think is break was good for the guy. And I am very happy to have adults back in class. Not that I am ever in class, but on the rare occasion that I make it, it is nice. I did come to the conclusion that on the days I train I don’t get to see my daughter. I don’t like that one bit. And my knee was bugging me a little, but I think with this can’t-see-Leah thing that is not going to be the thing holding me back.

Leah has developed a new trick. She dances. If she is lying on her back she will grin real big and sorta bend her torso back and forth to the sides. It is the greatest thing ever. I am fairly convinced she is mimicking her mom and I. We will often lie her in the pack and play and sing and dance to her, which she finds very entertaining. This trick is almost as much fun as her big greeting smile when you walk in the room and she recognizes you.

Stuff like that makes me want to go snatch her out of the crib in the middle of the night to play. Her mom won’t let her come down to play though. Party pooper.