Poor little girl.

But first, an easy way to feel stupid: After making an appointment and writing down the directions I hopped in the truck and drove it to the appointment I had made to get the check engine light looked at. Unfortunately the engine light was on in Kelly’s car, not my truck. That got me into work a little later than I had planned.

Leah wasn't feeling too good this past weekend.  She has officially been sick now.  We almost made it 6 months with out her getting ill, yesterday she had a fever and a lot of congestion.  She had actually been congested for a few days before that, nothing too bad just a snuffly nose.  Yesterday was different, she didn't eat too much and she grumbled all day.  Never a full cry, but a constant complaining whimper.  Easily the saddest sounds ever.  The congestion provoked a nasty cough. We tried to suction the boogies out of her nose, with some success, but that makes her super mad.  She sure loves her boogies and doesn’t like it when we take them.

We called to doctor once her fever broker 100, but they seem to think it is an ear infection.  I am not so sure, the internet tells me that teething can cause these symptoms so I am inclined to think that is the cause. Kelly should be at the doctor now and we will find out for sure.  Luckily we had a regularly scheduled appointment today.

The rest of the weekend was fun, had a couple of holiday gatherings.  Games night was the biggest ever.  Darpa peoples we run but Kelly missed out because of the baby (and honestly she was the one everyone wanted to see).  We even had a fun lunch with the Suns at a crazy Japanese buffet in Fair Oaks.  Leah spit up all over Mrs. Sun and the table.   But at a sushi place you practically expect people to vomit.  Right?