Lone star state

I’m back in weird Austin. Worked a long, long day—but in the end it appeared to be successful. We’ll see how things pay off for the company. Good experience and visibility either way.

Our trip has been a exercise in starving our selves of food and sleep then gorging on massive meals and hitting the caffeine. There has been way too much tex mex. Even the Italian was tex mex—I ordered some pasta filled with spinach and they brought me Italian enchiladas. Seriously, if you were more than 5 feet away you couldn’t tell.

Austin does win over DC in the bum polite contest. They come up and feign usefulness and when they finally get to asking for hand outs they are nice and say thanks anyway if you turn them down. Not quite what I get out side of metro center. However, I feel less safe here. Maybe they are a little too nice.

There are many stories to be told, but we are getting on a plan tomorrow for the S-dizzle, and I still have work that I need to do tonight so I am out.

In closing, wushu is a man’s man sport. And thanks to the 2006 China Nats I have proof:


I miss my ladies.