Vegas Baby

Have a poor recap of my Vegas trip. Don’t let the poor recap fool you, the trip was great it’s just my writing that stinks.

Last weekend I went to Vegas, for Todd’s 30th birthday. Now, since he is the same age as me, he didn’t turn 30 this year. But we went anyway. Marilee tells me that’s cause he couldn’t make it for his actual 30th. Close enough.

I got to travel with Beej, and we roomed with Johnny. We did like we were supposed to and all met up so we could surprised Todd at a bar in the Paris, but his brother rolled in and ruined the surprise. He also got Tod toasty, while not quite as fun made for a decent consolation prize.

We hung out for a while until Todd was dragging and the three of us returned to the frontier and a few games. We had no idea this was going to be the best run of the trip, and should have stopped then, but we had fun and were up nicely. Not bad for the high rollers like us that slap down a twenty and ask for it all in dollar chips. Surprised we didn’t get comped a room.

We were still on east coast time so we woke up the Eshler’s and headed their way for breakfast. Hung out for the afternoon had a fancy dinner and Beej and I headed off to see Ka. Qiu Dong hooked us up and we were able to watch from the light booth, which was crazy fun. We got treated all special and were able to go back stage and meet up with Xing Xing. He gave us the grand tour and we got to poke around behind the stage. I was pretty pumped when Jen came up and said “hi.” I didn’t want to harass her on the job (im sure they get more than enough of that), but it was great fun watching Beej’s reaction when cirque people knew me. I think the best part of the tour was realizing I woudn’t trade my job/house/baby for that gig I wanted so badly a few years ago. Sure I would have much better abs, but I am glad that them French Canadians shot me down.

After the show Beej went to meet up with the gang and I grabbed a second dinner with DX. Apparently china town in Vegas is 3 strip malls with a dozen Zu Zai Nai Cha shops. I stuffed my self and we chatted about cirque and a baby then he dropped me back at the strip. I found out Todd ate something bad and wasn’t feelign too well and somehow it was 1am (3am east coast). So they had headed back to the room and crashed.

Sleeping is nice. I like sleep.

Next morning we headed back to Paris for the breakfast buffet. We timed it perfectly. It’s $13 for breakfast, $18 for lunch; and changes over at 11 am. We got in about quarter till, so we got both for the cheaper price. I think I had a half dozen plates of food. I still crave the crepes they made us. And the breakfast hummus. And the prime rib. And the flan.

Our flight home wasn’t till 11, so we had the rest of the day to chill. We hung out in Todd’s room, felt bad and left him to sleep. For some reason Johnny wanted to see the Luxor. So we walked all the way almost there. Stopped and shook our fists at him and headed back to find Beej. With nothing better to do we wondered around looking for some cheap tables to play. I played for 2 or 3 hours and broke dead even. Johnny and Marilee tried their luck. We watched a leprechaun poor apple liqueur directly into peoples mouths.

We had a tasty tex-mex dinner and jumped on our all-night flight. Tex-mex isn’t the best choice of preflight eating, but I won’t go into that here.

Red eye flights are not nice. I do not like them.