Day 3ish

Ok, last week we were about to go insane, things are much better now.

We think Leah hit a growth spurt over two weeks ago and with the teething symptoms everything was thrown out of wack. We actually had her sleeping through the night and that slipped away from us. Mostly her dad’s fault because during her growth spurt I was feeding her in the middle of the night (hey, she was really hungry) and then she began to expect that. Well, things sort of snowballed and she got all out of wack, which threw Kelly off. Add in a little workin’ mama hell and you (well, me, the unsuspecting yet well intentioned dad) had a situation on his hands.

So enter thanks giving week, Thankfully we had a few extra days off work and some extra resources (grandparents everywhere) and things are under much better control.

We are going to be much stricter about her eat and nap schedule, and I think that is a big step. Now that we have been doing that for 3 (count ‘em 3) days she seems to take to it nicely. Then the big problem, the reason we even care about a schedule, the sleep. It’s not bed time, or putting the baby down—it is sleep training.

I love training. Unfortunately, as past experience shows me, it normally lacks fun at the time of training. This is the most funless training ever.

We did a bunch of research, bought some condescending yet informative books and read everything the internet had to say about sleeping babies. The internet says alot of conflicting things about sleeping babies.

Deciding to do the Ferber method (which is what our baby wise book appears to endorse) we let her CIO for a few naps, and attempt a down-for-the-night with limited success.

Yesterday I started second guessing out tactics, as Ferber says to wait till 6 months. Which was prolly just my excuse because listening to my daughter cry is hands down the worst thing ever conceived of ever. And I don’t like it.

Tonight we tried to sooth her a little more when we put her down. The problem was she would wake up once she hit the crib and be happy and awake. I didn’t expect that. She was supposed to be tired and sleepy but crying. Nah, she was just as happy as could be. We knew she was tired before we brought her up (glazed over and constantly rubbing her eyes), but looked pretty alert in her crib. Since she wasn’t crying, and we wouldn’t be rewarding her for crying—we picked her up and continued to walk her. That, of all things, made her fuss. But we made progress and were able to get her to go to sleep with active soothing (however, in her crib). That lasted 45 minutes. Kelly put her foot down and we agreed that we would try to just leave her for 10 minutes.

So far so good, she has been out for another 45 min now and I am about to turn in. I am still a little nervous that the monitor will go off any second, but will be optimistic for a full night.

If you got this far you may have a problem.