Pumpkin Patch

We took little miss Leah out to visit her very first pumpkin patch. Burke nursery has a big fall carnival with all sorts of crazy pony rides, spooky castles, and trains built out of hay. We didn’t really want to drop $13/person to take out 4 month old among the stuff she could care less about, and we didn’t. We were able to go to the pumkin patch area for free and had our little photo op. Leah was a bit dumbfounded by all the things to look at and wasn’t too smilie, but she humored us and sat there for most of the pictures.

(Shortly after this was taken, she did her stiff as a board trick and moved the pumpkin just enough so that she could topple over. She cried. Some lady gave me a dirty look.)

The weekend was pretty relaxed. I skipped wushu on Saturday to play with the ladies (and they wanted to play watching football). Terps beat FSU and we were thrilled. The Tulli brought over some tasty BBQ on Sunday because grandpa just had to see Leah. I can’t blame him. Plus I like BBQ.