Since I hadn’t been to wushu in a while I thought I should drop in and see how things were going, and if I was gonna do that I should bring Leah in, cause she is the one that people there really want to see. So, yesterday I asked Kelly if she would bundle up the baby and get me from the metro. Best part, or maybe the real reason I wanted Kelly come up to Merrifield, was we could go grab a nice dinner. Kelly made me an amazing dinner the day before (blackend pork chops with pineapples) and I think I wanted to return the favor. The only thing that would come close would be a fun dinner at Sweet Water. So after stopping by a pungent wushu school we headed there. Leah slept politely most of the time, but once she saw us eating I think she got jealous and wanted to eat some herself, so we fed her. Feeding a baby only leads to changing a baby. I did the classy dad thing, I was handed her to her mother and said I think she needs to be changed. So Kelly grabbed a diaper, some wipes and skipped off to bathroom. It seemed like twenty minutes went by and I see my wife walking briskly back to the table carrying a naked baby. Well, she had a diaper on. And a bib, but I am pretty sure mama just put that on there to make is seem like she was wearing clothes. Didn’t fool me. Apparently, as soon as Leah’s pants were removed she just went to town and soaked her onesie. Kelly whom had chosen to travel light didn’t have the diaper bag and its extra change of clothes with her. She didn’t even have her phone to give me a call to delver clothes, but it’s not like I could really go into the women’s bathroom.

Oh, and Neal and I decided last night that Leah is too pretty to punch. Ya’know since we all the time be talkin’ bout punchin babies.