Jericho == Lost.

Lost in Kansas.

Now that the weather changed my allergies are really acting up. Very annoying—I feel tired a lot, sore throat and the sinuses just hurt. To make things more fun I am coaching wushu from 5 to 9 tonight.

I coached earlier this week, and I really had to lay down the law. I think the kids have gotten away with so much for so long but I won’t have it. I had a couple of kids on the verge of tears because they wanted to play a game instead of training wushu. They came to wushu class and had to do wushu. So sad.

I have decided I want to champion two points. Lining up (you’d think they could do this), and the terminology to the splits. This splits things is a serious pet pev of mine. The martial arts community cannot decide on standardized names for the kinds of splits. Originally I used ‘front’ and ‘side’ to defrerciate the kinds of splits. But some schools consider front splits to be where you are facing front and your legs go off to the sides, while others think front splits are when your leg is stretched out to the front (and the other back). So I have decided to go with the gymnastics nomenclature: Straddles and Splits. Straddles are you legs out to the side while you face forward. Splits are left or right splits. Now the part the kids don’t understand is a sitting straddle (sitting with you legs apart is not the same as a straddle. They also giggle whenever I say pubu, and I get a lot of “poopoo” mumbles. And they are Chinese. Aiya.

Leah Marie is doing well. She had a bit of the sniffles, but is seems to be getting better. It is quite frustrating that can doesn’t know to blow her nose. So I am forced to use the little bulb boogie sucker thing—which normally don’t little more than make her mad. However, last night I had a very productive boogie sucking. I think the trick is to put her on her ball and let her work some of it down to where I can get it. The flip her over and boogie suck! She was breathing clearly for an hour. I don’t think she really cared, but I felt accomplished.

She really smiles and talks these days. It is interesting the things she really likes: Efalump the elephant, The Baby Butt song, Tummy time on the beach ball, and ceiling monsters. These things have been known to snap her out of grumpy right into happy.

The Baby Butt Song
The baby, has a naked but, a naked butt, a naked butt
The baby has a naked but and Mommy cleaned her up
The baby, is one the ground, on the ground, on the ground
The baby is on the ground, wiggling ‘round
The baby is talkin’ to me, talkin’ to me, talkin’ to me
The baby is talking to me, ‘cause I’m the one she sees.

I’m still working on it, but I have a few more verses I am working out, I hope to get 5 or 6 good ones, plus it lends it self to adlib about the current situation.

Ever notice that ‘yeah’ and ‘Leah’ are only one letter off? It’s cause they are fun to shout when you’re happy.