Games Leah Plays

Leah likes to play a few games.

Run and Kick (and skip and kick)
Ski Jump
Rolling over
Over the leg
Looking at lights
Ceiling Monster
Ampere’s neck trick

We are pretty sure Sweatshirt is her favorite game. Rolling over is probably the scariest one we have.

Coach gets back into town this week, and I think Kelly might have to call her and say no more compulsory volenteer work from her husband for a while. I think the kids will be happy—last time I taught I had one of the boys come up to me with a condecending “you’re not gonna teach this class are you? You do everything all wrong.” I am pretty sure that comment it directly related to no game at the beginning of class and my insistance that we drill basics until your legs don’t work. Oh, we are making progress on the lining up! I am sure all my hard work will go flying out the window 10 minuites after coach returns, but it was a good exercise in teaching smug lil wushuers.

Hmmm, I got my Mahler seminar in like 2 months—I need to be doing alot more swings if I am going to be in good enough shape to learn how to be in good shape.

In closing: If you are going to call me a white boy and say inapproprate things about my mother before you demand money, at least have a breath mint.