The never ending ich.

Last week, Tuesday I think, I walked to wushu. On my walk to wushu I took this short cut. This is a great shortcut; it takes off a good 5 or 10 minutes from the trip from the metro station to O-Mei. It is not a great shortcut because you must cut through a bunch of brush. And by brush I mean poison ivy. It didn’t really kick in until Friday when I started to itch consistently. Saturday and Sunday we spent in Richmond, where I was miserable the entire time. I started making routine trips to the drug store, this way I broke it up so as I slowly bought one of every over the counter anti-itch and poison ivy medication I didn’t notice how much money I was spending. At one point I bought a 1 oz tube of poison ivy scrub for a whopping $40. At least it worked better than any of the cheaper stuff.

By Monday I was nearly insane. So I went to the doctor and they gave me mood altering drugs. Since rashes were popping up randomly the doc said it was obviously a systemic reaction. Thusly I am on the juice.

I did spend some time googling for treatments, and the constant itch has driven people to do some very weird things. And since the only home treatment I could think of up to this point was a soldering iron to burn the itch away (that searing pain would be such a sweet release), I decided that the hair drier idea was a more sensible choice. Point the blower at a breakout and just hold it there for as long as you can. Before it becomes he most intense pain experienced by a human it is the most intense itch. But if you old out for 10 or 20 seconds it blossoms into that glorious pain. By the time you stop the itching is gone. And gone for a few hours. I don’t know if it is the prednisone kicking in or if the hair drier is responsible—heck maybe it is the steroid cream—but things are manageable now.

We didn’t leave for Richmond until after Anne’s (as in Andy and Anne) shower. Kelly ran off to the shower to play with the girls, while I stood out front of Beej’s house holding Leah, noticing that Beej was defiantly not home. So once Kelly returned to get me we dropped her off and I met up with Beej at Taco bell. This is a surreal experience. We had my college roommates and their kids all running ‘round while the four guys tried wrangle them. Johnny apparently forgot that we had baby girl, so as lugged in the car seat he had a ‘oh, that’s right’ moment. I never would have imagined that moment before now—Johnny, Beej, Andy and I all being dads. Dragging the munchkins out to taco bell. How very college-y of us.

Simply for the sake of excess we headed down to Richmond for Laura’s shower. Amiee set up a nice Sunday afternoon pool party/baby shower. I played with Jacob in the pool and chatted with the fam. We wound up sneaking out a bit early since Leah was getting a little fussy, Kelly was isolate in the house and we wanted to beat traffic. Traffic still sucked. The traffic is THE reason we don’t go to Richmond more. So frustrating. A million times more frustrating when the itching won’t stop. That drive is where I had the brilliant idea of killing it with a soldering iron.