Still got a baby.


Kelly and I have been enjoying our adventures in sleep deprived parenthood. Kelly decided Monday night that I was running on a few too little hours that she put me to bed at 10 and didn’t wake me up till 6. I don’t know if my math is accurate, but that is nearly 8 hours. Needless to say I felt pretty great all of yesterday. I felt a bit guilty about having her shift run all night long, but she seemed to be doing pretty well. Last night we were back to our normal rotation: Kelly sleeps form 10 to 2, I get 2 till morning. Where morning is either when I have to leave for work or help with the baby, whichever comes first. Again, luckily the company is nice enough to give me really flexible hours so when I stroll in at 11 they don’t bat an eye. Not something I want to sustain, but it sure is useful with munchkin-pant’s sleeping schedule.

Speaking of pants. Kelly and I have adopted a pants-based baby jargon. While it might sound bizarre to most people I think it is fun to say and have enjoyed replacing some of the normal baby words with ‘pants.’ For example, ‘pooping’ is now ‘making pants.’ Gas pains are ‘workin’ on pants.‘ When Leah gets cranky and tired she is ‘sleepy pants.’ Admittedly, a lot of the pants words are related to poop, but if you consider how much of Leah’s time and effort is dedicated to the subject is seems reasonable.

Bit of unsolicited advice: When your baby needs to be pacified and you have no pacifier, and are in the mood for something extremely weird, I recommend sticking you nose in her mouth. She just goes to town sucking it. Sure, if your nose is available your fingers are probably too, but they don’t address that extreme weird mood we talked about. It’s almost as much fun as a baby on a cat.

Everyone at wushu is going off to junior worlds, so I am gonna be running a few classes there. I don’t think Kelly is exactly thrilled at the idea of me spending 4 hours MIA a few times next week. Luckily I will have the flexibility to defer to some of the other coaches if she needs me at home.

(Photo credit: Kelly — good job wife!)