Shaolin gongfu hao!

Last night we had our annual Ode to Peace demo, this time we got to do it with a buch of Shaolin monks. Some of their stuff was cheesy, but every once in a while they would bust out some crazy wushu. Aside from the lack of air conditioning I’d say the demo was pretty successful.

Afterwards I had dinner at a Salvadorian restaurant with Lucas, Jason and Paula. Which was good since da homeboy Lucas is going to be in chengdu for the next year. Holla.

Baby girl is being pretty obstinate about going to sleep. I think it is gas pain, so it’s not like she is just being mean. But the last couple of days seem like it has been really hard to get her to go down. My best put-Leah-to-sleep technique is the computer desk knee bounce: I get a big pillow, and lie her sideways across it. Sit in at the computer desk and scoot up close. Put the baby/pillow bundle in my lap so the pillow is trapped between my torso and the side of the desk. And I do that little nervous knee bounce. AKA Shake your money away. Sometimes it works like a charm and she is out quick, other times I am simply bouncing a crying baby. Either way, I have a computer to help entertain me, so I tend to say happier longer. The success rate is at least double my normal techniques.