Leah is to awesome as Kelly is to _______.

I have been making collages and other framed pictures of Leah, when I started she Kelly was feeding her. Then we moved her to the pack-n-play, Kelly went up stairs for some way overdue sleep and I continued printing-n-framing. Eventually Leah decided she didn’t like begin alone and decided I should hold her.

I gave her a little bit of a bottle, but since then she as been zonked out on my lap. I just finished putting together my pictures, Kelly is still upstairs sleeping, and I am a happy man.

Kelly had a latter half of a day yesterday, and the night to match. She had a fever, and all the muscle soreness that goes along with it. When I overheard her telling leah that this is a bad as after surgery I decided I really don’t like it. Hopefully I can trick her into sleeping for multiple hours, because if she was left to it on her own she would concentrate on Leah and ignoring all of her discomfort.

She is amazing, doesn’t get frustrated or tired nearly as fast as I do. Of course there are limits, but those don’t appear until complete exhaustion has set in.

Correct answer: Amazing.