I’d love to see a business card

The lactation consultant referred us to a suck evaluator. Yes, those are their job titles. No, I could not make that up.

Babies are funny — so are the titles of the people that help you with them.

In other news, T minus 3 days before panams. I am feeling pretty good, out of shape and way out of pratice, but pretty good. I think it was when Lucas grumbled something about our forms looking the same (back in the ye ole days of or prime). So that made me feel a little better.

My knee held up pretty good, I was nervous as hell all through class and was super careful — but I did all my nandu and everything seemed to be a-ok. I noticed it was a bit sore today, so will continue on my cautious approach, but hopefully everything will hold up through competition.

I don’t think I want to abandon Leah and Kelly for that long so I think they have to come along. Must smuggle baby.