How much for the women?

I am back home, and back with my women. I returned home to find them in good shape, and happy to see me. I need to readjust to the sleep schedule, which the after party and all the traveling threw way out of whack. Baby girl seems to have a supernatural ability to wake up when we set her down in the bassinette.

Let me give a quick pan am update. The tournament went really well. I had the public goal of bringing home a medal, and I brought home two. Secretly I really wanted to get gold, I tried to convince myself that any medal would do, but I couldn’t do it. I wanted a gold—I feel egotistical admitting it, but it is true. I figured I had one chance and that was in jianshu, but I wound up with a silver (which was bittersweet as there was a tie for gold, making me 3rd in the event). Qiang was the only event left, my worst event. I tried to convince Stephon to come to duilan but no luck, so I decided I was happy with my medal and I would try to have as much fun as possible in spear. By the time I went there was a 3 way tie for gold everyone at 9.3. So while I was waiting for my score I was hoping for a 9.3, figuring it would be a stretch. Then it popped up, 9.4. All I could think was “no way.” You would think I would be really relieved at that, but I didn’t believe it—it still hasn’t sunk in. Needless to say I was really happy, even with out duilan (which was supposed to be my best shot).

While I had high hopes for jianshu my form was not my best. I had two big brain farts. The biggest one was in section three where I stood up facing the wrong direction. I just stood there, wondering who turned the room around and how I was going to fix things and go in the right direction. My internal monologue was quite active at the time, involving many less-than-polite words. The other big things was the second to last movement, I did something, realized that wasn’t in my form, was at a loss with what to do next so I did it again. My teammates said they didn’t notice the mistakes, but stuff like that throws you off and the rest of the form is defiantly not going to be as good as it could. Luckily I didn’t drop my weapon on any of the tosses or any of the other nightmare situations I had dreamt up while preparing.

Changquan was pretty normal except for a bobble on my tornado. ZFJ360, c’mon! A bobble on a 360, really? Oh well. In the end I did well enough to get a certificate. Sure, Colvin beat me, but he was on fire. I was very happy with the results, but not quite pleased with my performance.

While I was there I didn’t have very much down time, but when I did I spent most of it thinking about the women back home. I had a good time seeing old friends and telling them the good news, and like any other proud dad I was showing off pictures. Part of the reason I had little down time was due to the fact that I was appointed as team captain Sure it sounds cool, but in reality it is just a bunch of responsibility I didn’t ask for. I guess in the end most of the stuff is stuff I would have done anyway, but now I had to do it.

Now I am at work and must make up for lost time.