Heaven and earth rejoice!

Leah’s Grandpappy’s (aka Peepaw) vision of the Washington Post on July 1st:


Fatherhood continues upon its bizarre course to lands that Leah rules and Henry surveys. Amp and Kelly are there as well, but like me have very little input into how things are done.

Life has been full of family recently. We have had many visitors, some from far-off lands, lots of close friends and family. Now that the barrage is over and we can look back on it I have decided it was really nice. I like my friends and family.

Not the least of which is the wushu family. I felt at home on Tuesday when I walked into O-Mei and was met with a few gasps followed by a round of applause. Oh, wushu jia, you guys are great. I really want to bring the baby in to meet everyone, but that place is sweaty and dirty — so you guys are welcome to come and meet her at home. I just ask you call first (and wash you hands if you are coming from the school).

Pan Am’s is in a week. I am so not prepared. I think I am putting the lion’s share of effort into sword. I feel I can coast on my changquan, and spear is just hopeless—so sword it is. That and duilian, assuming Stephon actually makes it up to Canada (c’mon, there’s prize money in that event!). Leah really makes competing in wushu feel so silly, but I dumped a bunch of cash at it already—so here goes.

Today is my first day back at work, and I am finding it hard to concentrate on work. I keep thinking ‘bout my ladies at home. Wondering how they are doing, if they need anything. Of course I could be finding it hard to concentrate because I had a large coffee and about 4.5 hours of sleep.