When it rains it pours

Kelly had two showers this weekend, and she got loaded down with baby supplies and accessories. The weeks leading up I was beginning to get very frustrated at all the girls that were bailing on her. Some people had valid excuses, but there seemed to be plenty of questionable ones. However when I thought about it I realized this is an awkward situation since a shower is really just an excuse to ask for presents. So if I get annoyed that someone doesn’t come it is like I get mad about not getting presents just cause I asked for them. I should (and hopefully don’t) have that sort of entitlement. Really I just wanted people to come out and celebrate the arrival of this poor little girl that is going to be forced into my care.

Maybe I was worried tha tnoone would show up and Kelly would be sad, but since that didn’t happen all is good. She had two wonderful showers. The first one was a little tireing for her since they lacked a person to keep her in line (by making a big fuss if she tried to do anything) but she had a good time. The Sunday shower was the curch shower in waldorf, and it was fancy (or so I hear) with fancy cakes, fancy decorations, and fancy seating charts. Fancy.

While she was busy doing her thing I got to (on Saturday) take the nephews to the movies and (on Sunday) hang out with the grandpas and eat 5 guys. It was clearly better than playing games that involved eating baby food.

Keeping with this baby theme we have going on, we have been interviewing nannies. Well, not the kind that come to your house, but for daycare that is out of the provider’s home. And saying providers or daycare people sounds odd, so I am going with nanny. But we have been on a interviewing streak, something like 5 or 6 of ‘em. I think we have some ladies that we like, but this is hard. Finding a person that you are going to entrust the life of your helpless little child. Interviewing is an interesting experience, mostly because for their English skills and trying to explain things like “self sooth” to these ladies (“What? You want your baby to cry?”). But I think we are going to be happier with the in(their)home care than a big institution, if anything for the flexibility it will have.