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Got balloons stuck in hard to reach places? Agile cat willing to chew them free. Give Ampere a call for a free quote.

I know it has been a while, so I guess I need to give the nothing, or should I say no one, yet. Kelly is ready to pop, the doc agrees, but Leah is pretty chill with her situation. So we are waiting on her.

Who’s idea it was to leave this decision up to a 0-year-old?

Kelly is still doing really well. I think she is a better at 9-months than a lot of the women I have seen at 7-months. Plus she goes out of her way to not ‘be one of those annoying pregnant women.’ I think it kinda takes the fun out of it. She is prolly saving all the fun for Leah.

In other news:

Yesterday at work I got programmatic proof that I could do what I needed to do. It was one of those projects that you don’t know if you can actually do it until it is completely working. Like learning a butterfly twist, there is no way to build up to it—just gotta go for it and pray. Well, my code works—I’m not sure how, must be magic—but it works, so I am a happy guy there.

DC has gotten a buttload of rain this past week, so much that the metro had flooded. It only seemed to affect the orange and the blue lines, which, lucky for me, are the two I can take to get to work. Monday the commute was nasty. Aside from the metro flooding there was the washed out bridge on guinea and all the road repair on prosperity. When my train finally got into the district and we sat with the doors open at Foggy Bottom for 10 minutes, I decided I should just make the hike. Which wasn’t too bad, just ridiculously humid, allowing me to be the sweaty guy at work. Yay that guy.

I worked from home on Tuesday, which was a good thing since that was the day all the federal buildings flooded—as well as the basement of our building. Wednesday I made it to Farragut West before I got fed up and decided to walk. That day was not so humid, and the walk was damn near pleasant.

Wushu has been slow. With my sprained knee I am very skittish about what I can train. I keep discovering different thing I should not do. It only hurts when I twist it — I can walk with out pain. Heck I can lift with out pain, I just can’t do wushu. T minus 20 days until I have to compete. DAngit, it was supposed to be hard to train because I have a brand new baby, not because I have a baby AND I am injured. Twice, lets not forget the calf. (Frick you getting older!)