Ampere couldn’t make up his mind

Mama is making progress, the doc is still saying any day now. Still 100% effaced and now 3 cm dilated. She said she was surprised Kelly hasn’t gone into labor.

I keep getting asked if I am nervous. While that may be part of it I am mostly ancy at this point. The labor is a little disconcerting, but the doctors keep saying that since Kelly has progressed so far already that it should be an easier labor.

Wushu is getting the shaft recently, which is expected given the situation. However I still have to go compete at Pan Ams here in a month, and I have this strong desire to, lets say, not embarrass my country. Honestly the injuries are holding me back more than anything. Nothing big, but a bunch of little annoying stuff. I pulled my calf at the demo a few weeks back and it still acts up, not very painful, but enough to remind me that I should shouldn’t attempt aerials until it is better. Monday I did something to my knee in the mabu after a jump outside. It was strange, no distinct pain or pop, but it was not ‘right.’ I skipped the next couple of jumps and came back for some reluctant butterflies, which seemed to go ok. When I attempted to walk though my form there was a bit of pain in the joint. Since knee injuries scare me proper I stopped. Coach said I had too much on my mind these days and reminded me to take care of Kelly—which was good because after that I wanted to bail on class early.

I need to hurry up and get to work, the USA game starts soon and all the workers are going to wonder ‘round till we find some place we can watch it. I really hope somewhere is open and will allow us to watch with out a $20/hour spending requirement. We went to Shelly’s for the first game and that was pretty sweet, but the game was a lunchtime, so a sammich was plenty to keep the joint happy. It’s a little harder at 10 am. Especially if the only place open is the ESPN zone, they are pretty much big ole jerks when it comes to the required spending limits.