What is this JTT?

I know I have been slacking, but I would refer you to the Technicolor flem coat that my sinuses were sporting in the latter half of last week. It was when we went to our last Lamaze class on Wednesday that I noticed I was feeling less than good. Thursday I went in late—mostly because we were having a company lunch for one of my coworkers who is going to be MIA for a while—but got sent home early, probably due to my cheery disposition. Friday was just as bad and I just worked from home. It wasn’t much work, but I was doin’ stuff. Most of the not work was verizon’s fault. Stupid DSL*.

That night we went to Laura’s red belt test (her school is brown-red-black), Todd and Marilee even came down from the land God shuns. We tried fro Italian, but the wait was too long so we opted for the immediate Chinese food. Laura even insisted that I sit next to her grin, the real trick was convincing Luke to like you. That is one cute baby. Biggest surprise was the gungpaoji at hunan west was actually good, and the time when Kelly and I got it we didn’t get it at all. I blame that ABC girl who couldn’t understand my Chinese.

We had to head home after dinner, despite the tempting invite to hang at the power’s place, but we had a couple of good reasons. 1) We were sick (did I mention that I got Kelly sick too? Poor preggers) and 2) I had to do a demo at Junior Team Trials the next morning. So we bailed. I took Afrin for the first time in I don’t know how long and slept.

Up early, grabbed my stuff and hit McDonalds on the way to UMD. I got a large coffee which was way too hot to drink and a bacon and egg biscuit which I put in my bag and forgot about. Luckily the place was easy to find—actually the venu was perfect for the tournament, it was just the right size for one carpet. I was impressed with Justin’s abilities to run the tournament at this point. We set up the music and warmed up with the competitors. Aside from the music for the Star Spangled Banner kicking in at the beginning of the a capella rendition of America the beautiful everything went pretty smoothly. I wasn’t really happy with the changquan, but that was mostly because I tried to change things at the last second and wound up going the wrong way a couple of times. I think I covered it pretty well, but that really takes away from the quality of the form. Our duilan felt pretty good. The music seemed to match up fairly well, so overall I was happy.

Our kids did really well, I only stayed for the bare hand but when I left Kat was sitting pretty with the highest score of the day, Tenya and Jen were 2 and 3 I think. Not to be completely undone Colvin was leading boy’s group b. It smelt like burnt carpet when he was done. Jon tore up the nanquan in what may have been his best form ever.

Kelly was really good and only called once or twice, but I knew she was home alone and wasn’t feeling too great so after we got lunch (and introduced Neal to bubble tea) I bugged out. We were supposed to go over to Sarah’s house and hang with a bunch of wushu people that night, but just didn’t feel up to it so we stayed home and rested with the cast of scrubs.

Sunday, AKA Mother’s Day, we had the Tulli over and made them a tasty meal. They declared they like coming over for eating because it requires little effort on their part. Any chance to dust off ole grillie. Now that I think about it I believe I have some left over tenderloin in the fridge that I should have brought with me today. If you are gonna eat leftovers it’s best to make sure it is Jamaican jerk grilled tenderloin.

Of course while we were having this fun, the kids were still competing. I didn’t get the report beck from Stephon till late that night but we rocked the tournament, the past months and months of full sets paid off for them. Congrats to everyone who made the team.

Yesterday the nursery became less of a room. The glory of the orange and maroon was short lived, but this is a necessary setback, as Leah requires proper quarters. Now I need to go borrow a miter saw. Hey BEEJ!

  • I would like it to be know that I tried to call them back and cancel the house call that I have for today, but 15 minutes of listening to the recording say it will be less than five minutes is more than any good customer should have to take.




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