The weekends are more work than the work week

We spent some real time working on the nursery. I think the room is going to look really nice when we are done, our little girl should feel like her parents love her. Heck I think it would look really nice if we would tack up the chair rail and be done with it. So far we have primed over the orange and maroon, painted the bottom of the walls white, the top and ceiling blue, and the trim baby Leah pink. I would like it noted that I nearly had to insist on the pink. Heck, I like the idea of a baby girl’s room being pink. The stuff I am refusing is the “princess” thing. Mostly because I fear if you allow princess you open the gate to “diva” and then “spoiled brat” and that is a slippery slope to no good land.

In addition to the nursery I got Kelly a dishwasher. It was her first official mother’s day present from me. A dishwasher. I think that sets the tone.

since it was tiled in I had to yank up the counter to remove the old one. But I couldn’t get the hot water valve to completely shut off so I decided I shouldn’t disconnect it until we get the new one. So off to sears. Stupid sears makes us pick it up from the warehouse in dulles. Lowes and Homedepot offer free delivery. We were annoyed, but you can only get Kenmore at sears and Kelly preferred Kenmore (plus it is a nice dishwasher), so our kitchen is a splode and I gotta leave work early to drive out to Dulles. Oh, and then go home and swear until it is installed.

Helped Mario move on Saturday, and Kelly had her lactation class. Yep, excitement abounds.

I was supposed to go to Coach’s birthday dinner Sunday, but didn’t found out what time it was until it was starting. And it was in Chantilly, so that ruled that out. I am beginning to suspect someone didn’t want me to go. Hrmmm…

And now…pictures of my cats! Why do I take so many pictures of my cats?



Mostly because they don’t complain.