Pomp and Nikkistance

Nikki graduated this weekend, so we went down to Radford. Kelly, the ‘rents and I headed down the night before and hit up the Homeplace for some proper south western cookin’ and all the gluttony involved with that. Headed back to the hotel and crashed. The next morning after an air raid and the ensuing rolling blackouts we stopped into Shoney’s for some breakfast bar and made our way to the Radford campus. Upon our arrival we heard the world’s most accomplished Radford graduate speak to the graduating class. And by accomplished I mean egotistical and conceited. Once the university commencement finished Nik’s college did their thing and we watched everyone walk up and get a fake diploma roll. The four of us watching from the crowd all got nice and crispy from the sun, and soon realized that sunscreen wasn’t the only thing we forgot. Apparently we needed air horns, big sombreros and flowers. How unprepared we felt.

After the formal fun we headed to Macados in Blacksburg for some celebratory eating. Nikki figured the one in Radford would be crowded so we might as well go to Blacksburg. Kelly and I didn’t protest. Kelly got a stogie, I got Dietrich’s Delight — and we chased our tasty sammiches with a macawitch. Unfortunately this otherwise super-awesome time was interrupted with a reminder that I went to Shoney’s for breakfast. I had Shoney’s whammy. It wasn’t too bad at Macados, but I could tell it was coming.

We said good bye to the graduate, and headed to the campus. We just made a b-line for the bookstore to get some little presents for Leah. I think we dropped $14 on two pairs of baby socks. We didn’t know we were gonna spend that much on such a little product until we were checking out, but I don’t’ think it would of mattered much.

It was about this time when the Shoney’s whammy really hit, I asked the girl where the nearest bathroom was and she said Donaldson Brown or the library, I opted for the library because I knew where the restroom was in there. I had on one of those belts that was made out of nylon webbing or somesuch marterial with it’s friction closure. No normal belt buckle. Normally this is just fine, but when panic sets in the operation of said belt becomes logarithmically more difficult. Things became very urgent at the end, as I was standing in an open stall (if you are truly panic’d you realize there is no time to shut the door, much less put the seat down) digging frantically and saying swears at my belt but luck would have it I made it (seat down and door shut) in the nick of time. That was way to close.

I was able to wander out of the library and find my wife lounging on the drillfield. We reluctantly returned to the car and headed back to Richmond.

That night we hung out with Ev and Sara, went to the original bottom’s up pizza — which was much better than I remember it being. Tasty bbq chicken pizza.

Sunday we saw my sister and her boys, while crazy at times, was a good thing. The boys spent a good long time climbing on me and wanted to roughhouse all after noon. Eventually they got worn down, which was long after I had been worn down, and we could play board games and video games. I even got to talk to Laura and Matt for a while before we headed to grandma’s house for dinner.

Revisiting our bathroom-style-talk:

Jacob ran off to the bathroom and when he was returning to the room this conversation took place:
Kelly: Jacob, did you flush and wash your hands?
Jacob: No, I never wash my hands.
Chris: Jacob, can you not ever touch me again?

We wound up staying at grandmas longer that we expected, which wasn’t too bad. Then we got stuck in traffic for 70 miles, which was too bad. The Furry monsters were just fine and showed us their bellies, which we rubbed.