Memorial has a day?

Last week: Gymnastics class and a wushu demo.

I finally went back to gymnastics last week. Dr. Vyvy and Dr. Emily both showed up and we were determined to remember some of this skills that we were sure we had long forgotten. I was able to get roundoff-back tuck (and layout)—it was one of those “like riding a bike” things, but I am a pansy and it took me a few hundred roundoff punches to do it. It was cool catching with Carlos and telling him about worlds, and telling him about Leah. Which is relevant since his daughter is 5 now, so he knows where I am coming from.

That was Tuesday. On Thursday we had a demo in DC for some committee of the Mayor. It was fun, there were TV cameras and we were allowed to carry our weapons through the metal detectors at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library downtown. It was a small demo, just four of us, which came back to haunt me. After basics during jumps, on the first tornado kick I landed funny and felt a sharp pain in my calf. I was able to walk, albeit painfully, so I continued the demo. Prolly a stupid thing to do, but I didn’t want to explain everyone why I did basics and 2 jumps and decided to stop. So I pushed through. Luckily Stephon drove me home and I didn’t have to walk back to the metro. I skipped class that night and the Friday.

Saturday we had testing. I was a judge, so a jacked calf was no problem. Kids did well, Nan and Jen were judges with me. We got free lunch. Everyone wins!

Since this was memorial weekend we had an extra long, um, weekend. This meant that we could do extra work on the nursery. We actually made huge gains on that little room. I got the Wayne’s coating (which Beej tells me is more like shadow boxes than Wayne’s coating) all cut, painted and nailed to the wall. The base pain (i.e. everything except the mural) is done and look great. We could use a little more touch up on the trim, but I am really happy with everything. Once we finished stage one I really could have stopped and been very happy with the room. Already it was nicer than any other room in the house. But I am determined to at least try to get the mural up, so work continued.

Yesterday, memorial day proper, I was able to get the background fill in for the mural. Thanks in part to a sa-weet old school overhead projector that The Tulli acquired for us. Then last night, sometime after 11 pm I started on the outline of our little animals. I was going to paint the black with a 1″ brush I picked up at home depot, but there is no way that would have worked. So we ran out ot target and I picked up a pack of 5 back-to-school special paint brushes. I used the smallest one in the pack. It was perfect.

I have a few more decisions to make on the mural, like should I fill in the penguin? And I got to get the kites up…but my concerns have been put to rest, cause it is coming along pretty nicely.

Oh, don’t worry we had the obligatory grillin’ yesterday. It’s true, you are communist if you do no sear meat over fire on memorial day.

Taylor and McLaurin. Can you guess who is who?