Interesting cup of coffee

I got hit on this morning when I went to get coffee. At least I think I did.

Here is what happened, you determine for your self:

After I paid I heard the girl say to her co-worker (girl 2) that she gets this one and that the other girl 2 can have that one. I assumed it was about the two guys in suits. Girls like guys in suits. Girl 2 looks at me and smiles with a “she is nuts” type of look. I figure that confirms that she was talking about he guys in the suits.

But, as I am fixing my coffee she comes over and asks for my “John Hancock” on the credit card receipt. I oblige. Now the tricky part. She complements my legs:
Her: You must work out ALOT! (yes, way too excited)
Me: Yeah, I do.
Her: Cause your calves are really nice.
Me: Uh, thanks.
Her: I mean, they are all like…(sound effects)…you can really see the definition.
Me: Well, hey, I appreciate it.
Her: Of course! Have a great day!

So, maybe a polite complement, but I am 30 minus 2, so as far as I am concerned I got hit on. Even if it was a way-to-chipper coffee house girl.

Crap, now my VT hat won’t fit.