Dishwashers are not worth it.

I had to leave work 2 hours early because stupid sears’ customer pickup is just a little north of Dulles. Luckily I rolled up in plenty of time to get our shiny new dishwasher loaded in the truck and had the opportunity to bask in the hordes of traffic on my way back to Burke. Just to mix things up I turned on Old Centreville Rd not New Braddock Rd. They don’t connect. I got home and manhandled our new appliance into the kitchen. The cats were up on top of the box before I even got it all the way into the kitchen. I rummaged around for the tools I thought I would need, and cut the box open. The dishwasher looked correct and good, so that was happy. The old one was relatively easy to remove, at least for a dishwasher that has been tiled in. Normally I don’t think that is a big deal, but our 1.5″ think terracotta tile is pretty big, so it was problematic. The only real problem, aside form ripping up the counter, was disconnecting the electrical wireing. I really could of just cut it and been just fine, but something told me I should conserve every inch of that wire. That something was pretty dumb, and I should have just cut it. I had extra wire getting in the way.

This was the point that I had only real annoyance. I was able to unhook the water feed line just fine, but I couldn’t remove the L that connected the feed line to the dishwasher. I wastled it for some time before my efforts resulted in destroying the little copper piece and I headed out to get a enw one. I figured I sould try walmart first, but no luck, so I headed up to Home Depot and proceeded to buy the wrong piece. Luckily I did find a dishwasher kit with the part I did need, along with lots of extra parts I didn’t need. The $16 was a bit more than the $2 for the single part, but way better than a second trip out there.

The new dishwasher’s hookups were all in roughly the same place as the old one, so all the existing hardware was usable, however the new one had a solid support along the side that blocked side access to where the water feed needed to go. Because of this I had to slide the dishwasher under the counter as far enough to reach the line, but out far enough that I could tip it up and still access everything to tighten everything down. With some swearing and crescent wrench acrobatics everything got screwed down. I had the wife s-l-o-w-l-y turn on the water and I watched as it slowly dripped. So I tightened it a quarter turn, wiped it down and it dripped again. I repeated. A few times. Eventually the drips got slower. I thought it was about as tight as it would go and it still leaked, so I did what any good plumber would do, cranked it down hard. That seemed to work.

I ate the dinner Kelly procured. Went back and checked, we were good. So we ran a few dishes through. No obvious puddles. Rock on. A mere 6 hours of work.

Sears charges $60 for delivery, but installation is free. What a freakin’ good deal.