Commuting is bad for you

On our way to drop me off at the metro this morning Kelly and I saw a something very disturbing. We saw a man hit a bright yellow Porsche. It was totally the Porsche’s fault, he turned when the other guy had the light. There was no damage done to the yellow car, but Mr. Porsche Driver seemed really pissed, was flailing his hands all around and looked like he was yelling. Very bizarre.

Oh, and the guy that hit him was walking. He had a WALK light. Not even a flashing hand. After witnessing it, I turned to the wife and ask her if he was mad for attempting to run over some pedestrians. She confirmed it did appear that way.

Promptly after that, right after I boarded the metro a lady was trying to get on and the door closed right on her. So she pulled back but her lunch was caught in the door. A few of us jumped up and tried to pry the door open for her, her hand was tangled in the plastic supermarket bag. We couldn’t push the door open wide enough to get the Tupperware outside of the train, and she didn’t seem to be able to get her hand out. Eventually someone pushed the intercom and told the driver to open the door. It jerked open about 8″ and slammed shut. Luckily she was able to get her stuff unharmed. I understand if doors are closing, they are closing, so don’t try and get on. But c’mon, we shouldn’t have to wrestle with the door for two or three minutes before you break down and let her go.