I like warm weather.

It makes for a good weekend. We even had couple of fun things happen

1) Dinner with wushu people. When we ordered 4 ducks the waitress could hardly believe us. She made a big deal about it, calling us crazy. Then we decided to order 5 more dishes. There was only 9 of us. At one point Jason declared he had the meat sweats. I think the duck carver-guy was cramping up at the end. It was good to hang out with Paula this trip, since I hadn’t had a chance to do that. Also met some of Mario’s friends, Emilio—of wushu message board fun—and his woman. Wushu in the US is such a small community. Lots of crazy conversation, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and English flying around — no to mention the meat sweats.

2) DC with Everett and Sara. Sara says E wasn’t even gonna call, that she made him do it. So I felt justified in scolding him for not calling the other times he as come up to the city to hang out. We had a good time wondering around. Went to the spy museum, decided we didn’t want to wait to get in or pay $30 a couple, so we headed to the tidal basin for some crowded cherry blossom fun. Had ice cream at the old post office, and a fun dinner at FlatTop.

3) Productive lists with the wife. It’s amazing how mush more we got done by sitting down, thinking of all those things we lie in bed thinking about, writing them on paper, and then deciding the priority of each. We have a ton of stuff to do, some big, some small—but we also crossed few things off, and that makes me happy.

4) The first grilling of the season. Just family for this one (but that was not from lack of effort). Oscar Myer Deli style hot dogs are really good, I think I like them better than Hebrew national. The problem with HNs: they are too small or way too big, the OMDSs were just the right size, you can eat one before your burger and be happy.

I get free 5 guys for lunch. I am very excited. I hope I don’t get the meat sweats.