Easter was the proper end for the crazy week.

We went to the ‘dorf for Easter. Had some good family time out there. GSPC service was good, and it was a blast hanging back watching the round wife make the rounds. All these people who knew her growing up, and the exclamations of “oh my, look at the belly!” I liked sneaking downstairs for the free goldfish and coffee.

Last week was a cyclone of craziness. We had a few people out on vacation so I was trying to fill in for them and do my normal thing. My normal thing was pretty full for the week to start with, so I was swamped. The beginning of the week was intense, but by Thursday I was loosing focus. Still got what I needed to get done, but wasn’t cranking through as fast as I was at the beginning of the week. Workin’ fatigue.

Hopefully I can get some decent training in this week, I wasn’t too bad last week, especially if you count the lifting. But I am not used to the light schedule. Stephan complained that he doesn’t have a training buddy anymore now that I am never there. Well, I think I make it 3 days a week, which to us is barely training at all. I told him things are unlikely to improve as the year goes on. Maybe in 5 years when Leah can go too.

I played around on MySpace and Flikr a little. Mostly to see what all the fuss was about. I have decided that flikr is kinda neat, and myspace is annoying. Oh and youtube is fun when people give you positive feedback. Go rate and comment!