All good a Ft. Truxion

Kelly and I really didn’t get out much this past weekend.

There was some wushu hijinks on Friday, where I was the only non-asian (possabily the only non-Chinese), and everyone’s elder by a dozen years or so. Kelly hung around and watched class/talked with the parents. I had a great time training, I pushed pretty hard, and heckled the kids when they were slacking off. I was feeling old until I overheard Colvin commenting on my jumps. I felt cool until I realized that I around more middle and high school aged kids than post college people. Ok, not really ‘around’ so much as ‘friends with’. Which might be normal for, say, a high school teacher, but no so much a corporate drone.

We worked on the nursery. I hauled a bunch of stuff up into the attic, through that tiny, tiny hole in the back of the closet. We wanted to make more convenient access in the hallway, but I am not sure I can work around the ductwork that is up there, nor do I think I really want to put the level of effort into making it happen. So, in the mean time I shoved all the boxes that would fit up there, along with a bunch of old college notes and stacked them on some shelving I laid across the rafters. I was up and down an awkwardly placed ladder, squeezing through a hole which was less wide than my shoulders, trying to carry heavy boxes full of papers. Neat!
K helped clear out a bunch of stuff deemed trash. Gathered a few things for the church yard sale and were done for the weekend. I still have a couple of old office chairs and computer desks that need to get gone, but the room is slowly becoming emptier. Another weekend of leisurely work and it will be ready for painting. Of course I could buckle down and just get it empty, wainscoted and primed in a weekend. If I wanted to.

Sunday we bought a glider from some Italians. When we left their little boy said “ciao” and “bye bye chair” which was cuter than puppies.

I did a demo at Mason, for the Asian Heritage month or some such, went pretty well. The highlight of the demo was smoothies at Smoothie King. He really is the king of smoothies. And a much less creepy than the burger king. That guy weirds me out.

Kelly made dinner, some Carolina rubbed pork chops. Oh, and I ate a huge back of raisinettes.