Just cause they are little doesn’t mean things are gonna be easy.

This was a very eventful morning. Lets recap:

But first we need some background so we know what’s going on. I was the last person at work last night because I was trying to get, um, this odd task done. It was one of those things that isn’t my normal work, but we needed someone to figure it out and send stuff to a client for brownie points. Basically it is a little embarrassing that we couldn’t do it faster, and would be bad if it wasn’t done. The process for finishing this task was much more annoying than was necessary. It involved 3 reboots, including windows refusing to restart because it had a task running, and I should cancel or wait for it to complete. I had already tried to wait and clicked cancel a few times, which is why I was trying to reboot in the first place. Eventually I got fed up and did a hard reboot only to get stuck with a 15 min boot time on the reboot. I tried to do the thing again, explorer hung again, I rebooted again, complete with the long boot. Eventually I got things working, but it was only step 1, step 2 required me to upload my stuff to another computer, but that had to wait. It said there were hundreds of minutes to go, so I left.

Oh, I tried to access it from home, but no luck, can’t connect.

Ok, the recap:

I struggled to get up. I think I was extra pathetic because Kelly allowed me to stay in bed till the last possible second.
I plugged the ipod into the computer to charge, but the computer went to sleep and the ipod stayed up all night so he was exhausted. A total of no battery left, won’t even turn on, all I get is a sad battery icon and bloop, it’s gone.
I had forgotten that Kelly had a doctor appointment, which wasn’t till 10:30, so I was going to be late for work, which meant that my work-task was gonna have to wait.
Before the appointment K had to get her Glucose tolerance test, so we went to quest. Last time at quest we waited for a few hours before they finally took Kelly back and treated a total of two (2) arms as pin cushions, and then the nurse lied to me and said my wife had left me. I don’t like them.
We got threre. We waited. I wanted to sleep. I discovered a comfortable position in my chair which involved pulling it out and leaning back.
Kelly got her orange-double-triple-sugar drink. And choked it down.
It upset her tummy a little
She felt a little light headed and told me to tell the nurse
I got up to tell them and before I could even get their attention the lady sitting next to Kelly announced that she had passed out. I turned around and sure enough, she her head had fallen back, her eyes were wide open (with and eery empty stare) and was otherwise unresponsive.
One lady insisted she was having seizures.
The nurses responded when I yelled louder at them.
We wheeled a dazed Mrs. Sexton back to a private room where she could lay down.
The nurse tried to call her doctor to see if we should finish the test, and treated this like it was a big deal. Her doctor responded by not answering the phone.
I ran upstairs to talk to the doctor. I think I actually spoke to a nurse practitioner, who pointed out that she prolly passed out because she probably hasn’t eaten for a while and then tried to drink the sugar drink. I didn’t point out that those were the directions we had received.
I returned downstairs and told the nurse that the doctors office gave the go ahead.
We waited.
Blood was drawn, the nurse hurt Kelly, it was better than last time, but still painful. More painful than a ‘pinch’
We went to breakfast at the diner. K got pancakes.
After eating about half of them Kelly decided not to digest them and went and put them in the bathroom, along with a bunch of orange-sugar drink.
We told the nice people at the diner that they should go clean the bathroom.
At the doctors office they asked for a sample, but because of the aforementioned bathroom debacle she didn’t have one left.
We waited.
They changed our due date twice this visit.
Still no sample and the pushy nurse made us wait till one magically appeared.
Eventually we got fed up and Kelly offered to take me to the metro.
We got stuck behind a stalled car, once the cops arrived they figured out how to work their car and drove away.
I arrived on the platform and they sign said orange and red lines were sharing a track. Expect delays.
I am now on the train, getting ready to run into the office ‘round 1pm.