Da busy bee

A lot of stuff has happened since I last posted. I like to think that is why I havn’t posted.

Last week started out with me being swamped at work trying to get ready for my trip to California for work. We met with a couple of our big clients and I finally got to meet someone from our west coast office — one of the guys I work with everyday. Crazy how you get a picture in you head form their voice on the phone but when you see them they look nothing like that picture. And now that I have seen him I cannot for the life of me remember what that original picture looks like, other than different.

There was nothing relaxing out the cali trip, we flew into the bay area really early our time, what would be a red eye for California, and arrived in time for a full day of meetings. Driving through Oakland we saw one completely burned out van and a very fresh accident, complete with onlookers pouring out of their cars to try and help. One guy was going to need the jaws of life to get out of his Olds. Didn’t look like any bad injuries though.

Once our day-o-meetings were over we promptly went to the airport to head to LAX. Jumped in the car and headed to Santa Monica and checked into the hotel. As my boss was finishing checking in he handed the lady the AmEx card and said to put my room on that one too. He stood there while I did the check in process only to overhear that I had been given a free upgrade to an ocean view suite.

That night was when I got to meet the programmer extraordinaire from our San Diego office, we had some tasty seafood and crashed. Hard.

The next morning I made the biggest mistake of the week. I went running. We decided to go jogging on the beach, maybe 3 or 4 miles total. But after a dozen steps my calves were protesting. By the end of the jog it was hard to walk. It would continue to be hard to walk for the next few days.

This made our second day-o-meetings super fun. It also made for a pleasant time of running around the airport, sitting for 5 hours straight, and running around another airport.

Once back in VA I went home and actually struggled to get to sleep. I think I was too tired to sleep. So I wound up sleeping most of the day to wake up, quickly do a few things for work and head off to the rehearsal.

Rehearsal went well, there were a few things that proved annoying, but that was mostly due to people not listening to the people they should (IMHO) listen to.

Nikki’s big day went well, with so much that could have gone wrong (isn’t that true for all weddings?) the day ran pretty smoothly. One of Anthony’s brothers was being a jerk and had a temper tantrum over the color of his shirt (and apparently hair style), so I wound up blowing $50 on a couple of white shirts. Apparently he cam close to getting punched in the face. I didn’t directly experience any of the drama, I was too busy rushing like crazy to get it to them in time. When I finally dropped them off everyone was chillin’ in front of the TV. Eh, they wound up being a mere only 25 min late, so no big deal. Plus Nikki had a freezer she could stand in front of to stay cool.

The O-Club was nice. Would have been nicer to have the big room but that would have involved kicking out the bar mitzvah and inviting another couple hundred guests. Plus then we wouldn’t get to check out all the cool army patches. Food was good, Nikki was beautiful and Ant was romantical for her.

One side note: Thank God for Everett. He saved the music for both the wedding and the rehearsal. Playing live at the event-proper and DJing the reception. My parents were able to supply a PA system, that Everett hooked his laptop up to and rocked the Italian/Yankee music that kept the crowd yelling “Hey” (no audible ‘h’ sound). They loved NY-NY, and I was partial to Dominique the Italian Donkey.

Ev wound up crashing with us, and we crashed pretty hard. We geeked out to scifi and slept a lot.

In closing: Ampere likes to point uphill. No matter how exciting things are behind him, he would rather face uphill than turn around.