Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Well, we finished our barrage of new years demos. I feel like we got off easy this year, we only had two demos. One big one, which we actually involved some rather involved training went exceptionally well. It was at some sort of Chinese school gathering, which I think involved multiple Chinese schools, in a fancy new high school auditorium. We had our performance timed out, the music was edited and spliced together to make sure things had good flow between events. We finished off the demo with a bit of comic relief provided by a monkey and an unbearably cute little Chinese girl. The Sunday demo was just silly. We had a lot of events perform, I think Virginia did 6, I personally did 3 and the old lady that was running the show loved to talk. And then she would translate herself into Chinese just in case. Tom and the Tulli showed up for the show, which was great to have them come out, but I think I would have preferred a less silly show.

Well, let me take a moment and be honest with my self. Wushu is just silly. I mean, floppy swords? C’mon.

After the demo Kelly and I took the rest of her family to china star and we celebrated the new year properly: by eating Chinese food. I think I may have tended toward the spicy side a bit too much, but it is a siquanese place, so I can’t take all the blame. I still really like china star, but I think the new owners are not good for the place. For one all the dimsum stuff is off the menu. The new years special foods (specifically pumpkin cakes) are no longer being offered. And some of the dishes just don’t’ fee as authentic as they used to. A year ago the food there was identical to the dishes I would have gotten in china, but now it seems to be slipping away. I am afraid that it is going the same was as Peking Village, the place that was amazing with the best guo tie ever, underwent some management changes and now, well, is associate. (i.e. less than — group hug) Finding authentic and convenient chinese food seems to be getting trickier. 哎呀

Leah got some new clothes. I think this makes Kelly happy. She got a little pink dress onesie with flowers and everything. Kelly’s mom even brought over some of Kelly’s old baby clothes, which where properly coo’d over. I put ampere in one of the little dresses. I am pretty sure he didn’t care for it. Kelly took to repeating “don’t hurt the dress” over and over with a slight increases in volume every time. Luckily for me, the dress was unharmed (save for some extra black hair).

I think the new girly baby clothes are as cute as the next guy, but I don’t think this is helping in my plan to make my daughter extra ferocious. So less frilly dresses and more shiny silk fightin’ pj’s.