Secret Eating

Kelly got me these weird tuna lunch packs. I really like them, it’s a little tuna lunch kit — with mayo, relish, tuna (surprise!), a little spoon and a much needed mint. The problem with them is they are weird. I have always been self conscious about eating tuna at work because that stuff has a tendency to stink up the place. But now, when I am pealing the packet off the tuna, a can would be to normal, and squirting it out into the packaging I worry about my coworkers perception of the stinky guy. Yeah, the packaging doubles as a bowl. It is sorta like an old GI Joe container, you peal the cardboard off the back and you have a little clear plastic rectangular ‘bowl’ to mix your tuna in.

I try to eat it early in the morning before anyone gets here. I havn’t yet gotten the curage or audacity to whip it out when there is anyone around. Picture me eating this: After the bizarre dance of mixing the squeeze tuna in the GI Joe packaging, I glance around nervously hoping no one decides to walk over and say hi.