Dear diary

Today I played with a bike bell over at sean and nina’s place. It was the most fun ever.

Take that Nina! Ha!

we did get to see those crazy guys after we went to church. They even took me home so I didn’t have to leave when dumb kelly went to her dumb yoga. I got free CDs and books from their anti clutter pile. I have an offer for a foof. I want to take it. Kelly says no—citing some moratorium on bringing more stuff into the house. I am pretty sure I can spin it into some replacement for the old foof argument. Still, I see nothing wrong with 3 foof chairs. They are nicer to look at then gymnastic mats and I have been begging for one of those for a mere 7, 8 years now. (That is relevant because I consider a foof to be somewhat crash-mat like, thus sooths the burning desire for proper, blue, 8″ gymnastics mats.

I revisited the unicycle again. This is one thing I want to figure out. My biggest obstacle is the fear of social backlash and mocking. anyone who can ride a unicycle is already a big dork, but the dork that has a unicycle that doesn’t know how to ride it is a bigger dork still. I have but of an understanding of what it is to be a social outcast, and I think the normal assumption is that I clearly don’t care about that sort of thing. But I am ashamed to admit it, I do.

Not that I am going to let it stop me from learning something as amazingly cool as riding a unicycle.

Really, who brags to their grand kids they their neighbours thought they were normal, nice people? I would much rather have fun stories of scooting around town on one wheel. And flipping. Oh, and springy shoes.