Well, I must paint the nursery now.

The deep maroon and bright orange would have been ok if we did a football themed nursery, but I think I am going to have to go with the kites theme now. You can get away with programming football into a boy, but it seems strange to force that upon a girl.

Oh, in other news we are having a girl! It’s little Leah Marie. Least that is how Kelly wants to spell it. I’d be happy with 力-ah, but that seems strange to force that upon a girl.

We went in and got the big sonogram, complete with the guided tour of the belly. Kelly started out lying there with a bit of an apprehensive look on her face, but that quickly turned into a big grin and an occasional coo of “awww” whenever we looked at fingers or toes. It was pretty momentous to stand there and watch the 4 chambers of the heat pumping away. I can sum it up in one word: Unsettledbewilderedawe. (Yes that is one word, do you see any spaces) It was a bit strange to stare at our child’s alien appearance. The way the ultra sound took a cross section of the scull, spine and ribs can be a little befuddling.

I was strangely nervous going into the appointment today. Kelly even noted how she wasn’t required to pry me from the warm comfy bed like she normally does. She went off to shower and I was up and (mostly) dressed when she was done. I didn’t want to be late. I was plenty fidgety, I don’t know if it was nerves over the unknown gender or the more noble concern over the wellbeing of Awesome. Er, Leah. But the doc said there is no reason for concern, everything looks good. She did point out that the OB was a bit off in they due date estimate, and it looks like we are about 17 weeks. They estimate the due date to be July 4th. Coolest birthday ever. Who needs candles when you got fireworks? If everything goes according to plan I will have to play The Boss during delivery.

Now Kelly is all giddy with visions of little dresses and pigtails.

And now, baby’s first pictures:
photo photo