That was a long weekend

This past weekend really turned out to be a long weekend. Felt like a 4 dayer. Monday was a holiday (well, floating holiday, and I did do some work Monday night), and yesterday we had a meeting with a client in Herndon so I just went out there for the morning. I worked from home in the afternoon, but coding with a cat in your lap is much less like work. I got free pho for lunch which kept me happy for a while.

Getting pho was fun. The product manager form the client took us out and asked if there were any pho newbies. Our CEO pointed out that I was in Vietnam a few weeks ago and suddenly I was the guy to ask for suggestions. I recommended not tripe.

This past weekend was an easy weekend. Cleaned up the house a little, did some home projects (dart board is back up), hung out with my little sister and her husband-to-be, watched the Skins loose and the Steelers win, eat tasty chili, and train for our new years demo.

Highlight of the weekend had to be the chili. Kelly made it for everyone who came over to watch the football game (They get TLN’s: Tom, Mer, Nik and Ant) and it was good. Not as spicy as last time, and I prefer the spicier version, but really tasty anyway. Plus that meant I got to have chili dogs for the next couple dinners.

Monday we hung out with Sean and Nina again over at his parents place, which meant we got to see Max again. Dinner there was surprisingly good (thai curry chicken) and the board game we played looked like it could have been fun, but the rules discussion went on forever. It was way to RPG for Kelly’s tastes…and probably for mine too. It made kill doctor lucky feel like a fasted paced tornado of excitement.