I am an indoor soccer poser.

My boss commented on my new kicks today and asked if I did actually play indoor soccer. I had to say no. And nope, I don’t watch it either. But if you break the shoes in real good you can use them for wushu.

Kelly pointed out that I could play indoor soccer, and then I wouldn’t be a poser. So I have the potential for not being one, but, currently I am.

Anyone know where I can get the Ris paul ric CD? I have only found one place to order it, but I would rather buy it a brick and mortar establishment. Of course I have waited so long for the instant gratification that if I did it the non-instant way I would be currently gratified.

Chinese New Year is this weekend (Sunday) so I have demos. I am currently officially slated for on at Mason on Saturday night, and there are rumors of one on Sunday afternoon, but I have yet to receive official word on that yet. I had been planning on going downtown with Duane to taka some pictures.

A parting gift: Resistance may be futile, but capacitance has potential.