Women xian zai beijing

We were unable to make our connection so Conetenental put us up in a hotel. Nice place, the Sino-Swiss Hotel. We get free dinner, breakfast and lunch—in that order. The concierge lady for the airline was great, she was helping us as soon as she could find us. And the crazy thing is that she found us, we walked right by her when we were getting off the plane. Once she knew were we needed to go she made sure that we were taken care of, unfortunately we were just too late. If we had another 15 minutes we might have been able to make it. So we sat around for along time just outside of the border control booths. During that time the concierge lady handed us off to another girl—Stephon described her as pretty. I went with pretty ditzy; either way she was nice and made sure we going to be ok.

We wound up with a temporary 2 day visa and were brought up to the continental offices to wait for the hotel representative to take us to the hotel. There was lots of hand holding, which was a nice change for Beijing.

When we got the hotel we immediately went out and found and IP card and wondered around a bit. We picked up a few drinks at a little store (Stephon said it looked like meat-packing place), I got a green tea one that sorta has a dish soap flavor. I should have gone with the minuite maid like Stephon.

We came back to the hotel, tried to make a call with the IP card, but I was dialing the international number wrong so no luck. It was still early morning in DC, so we went to dinner and asked the people at the front desk how to call the US. 001! Oh yea, I remember that. Once that worked I got Kelly’s voice mail in 3 places. Damn. We also called Xiangbo so that he could tell Sifu that we were going to be late. Hopefully that will get through and we will have a ride at the airport tomorrow.

About 11 pm I the phone in my room rang. It was the wife! Besides being really sleepy and not having a clue what was going on I was very happy to hear her. I told her the name of the hotel and she was able to use her cookie to give me a call. Well, only after she spoke with Stephon, but that is because we are in the wrong rooms. I talked to her and she told me all the adventures she had in trying to figure out what our options were if we didn’t have the hand holding from Continental. Luckily we did and there was no need to do anything crazy. Like apply for another visa in Hanoi.

Well, we are safe in Beijing, we have a bus to take us back to the airport at 2pm, it is currently 7, so I think we are gonna go wonder around, explore a little and just kill time in China. So it was definitely not all bad, there was no sleeping in the airport or nothing. Just a fancy hotel and free meals—and I can talk to my wife!