I am currently somewhere over Mongolia on my Newark-Beijing flight.

Maybe it’s Siberia.

The flight is running behind by about an hour, When they took us over to get deiced in Newark apparently someone tripped over the power cord and unplugged the plane. So after 45 min of waiting to get it rebooted and another 15-20 or good ‘ole sitting time we got airborne. This does not bode well for our connection in Beijing. There are number of obstacles. The father of them all is the time crunch, we no only have a hour. I thought 2 hours was going to be pushing it, but now it is down to an hour. Because we booked the tickets on separate reservations they don’t handle out checked bags for us. I am not convinced they would handle them anyway, but I know for sure they won’t be helping us out on that side of things. Then there is the issue of making it thought customs and getting checked in on the flight at China Southern. If we don’t make it we may have to spend the night in Beijing. Well, spend the 25 hours in Beijing. You are allowed to stay in the china airport for up to 25 hours with out a visa.

This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have the sinking feeling our single entry Visa may restrict us to the Airport. If it doesn’t then we can go crash at Shaichahai, get some good food and do a little shopping. Otherwise it is Ji bang gong in the terminal for me and Mr. Farm. Kelly knows our situation, and hopefully we can locate a phone in the airport that will allow us to give her a call. I am also wondering if we wind up using out visa for tonight if we can get another one from the Chinese embassy in Hanoi. If there is such a thing.

We talked to Zach before taking off in Newark, and his flight from Atlanta to Korea was redirected and last we heard they were in Paris. At that point they didn’t have any sort of contingency plan and were just hoping to get a flight to Korea. At least if they get stuck there for 24 hours they don’t need a visa to go outside.

So far the flight as been pretty good, I was able to sleep some. More than I have ever slept on a plane before. Now I am suffering form the well, I slept and I am not very sleepy thing. I know, if you know me, then you would know that I don’t normally have this problem. Normally I can sleep for long stretches, wake up, mill around and zonk right back out. I do however have problems sleeping in these awful coach seats. Thank the Good Lord that Stephon and I have an empty seat between us. Not only does it prevent any incidental snuggling, but it is just more comfortable to spread out. And in this case spreading out involves a belt buckle jabbing my in the buttocks and an armrest that won’t go all the bay back nuzzled into the back of my shoulder. Why can’t long flights have fully flat beds. I could sleep the entire flight if that was the case.

Oh, about the Mr. Farm thing. We med a small, apparently slightly spoiled Chinese boy, Alex. He was sitting behind us on our flight from DC to Newark and Directly in front of us on the big one. We spoke in Chinese, he threw pillows and head phones at us. When he asked our names he got ‘Chris’ right away, well it was actually Mr. Chris when he said it, but ‘Stephon’ was a bit harder for him. He preferred Mr. Farm or Mr. Fan depending on his mood.

Funny side note, we tried to miss this flight by sitting in the airport watching Wushu videos and Stephon looked up and there was no line at all. We heard the last call announcement and ran over and walked right on. Of course the plane didn’t push back for quite some time after that, so we woulda been fine, but we sure tried.

I really want to get to Hanoi tonight, but since I called china southern airlines and know it is nto going to cost us lots of money, well, I am up for an adventure. But no more than 24 hours of it, because we got a competition to deal with.