Hanoi is dirty.

Really really dirty.

I am taking pictures to show friends and family back home, but that is not going to convey it. If I had scratch and sniff pictures with all smells then maybe they would get an idea of what is going on here. Often stinky and dirty go together.

I compete again tomorrow. I am pretty tired today, so I will need some good sleep tonight. I don’t think I go on until the evening, so I can get up chear for Jason, take a nap, and head down for some jianshu. Stephon is first in our division, and I am 8th, so we will get it done and over with early. Once that happens I need to concentrate on duilian so I don’t make the stupid mistakes like we did during our day of training.

Oh, I talked to Steve Coleman, the changquan guy from Great Brittan, and yes we did tie—and we both got 15th place. 15th in the biggest event at here, upwards of 80 athletes in that thing. Yes, this is bizarro Hanoi.

Time to go chear Zach on for daoshu. (U-S-A JIA YOU!)