Secret Eating

7 days till I go and get on a plane. I would really like to go and get the plane ride out of the way now. Then I can just go to Vietnam instantaneously when the time comes. I am not looking forward to sitting in a coach seat, longing to go to sleep, with everyone asleep around me, not sleeping. For lots of hours.

I got our Visas from the Vietnamese yesterday, and Coach is supposed to take the passports to the Chinese today. So all our papers should be in order shortly, with a few days to spare. How ever un-Chinese of us.

Speaking of being Chinese. The federation didn’t submit our hotel reservations for us in Hanoi by their deadline. Yes, I got it to the federation before our deadline, but they decided that not everyone had submitted so they would wait to send the money off. So we don’t get to stay in a 5 star hotel. The downgraded us to a 3 star. Arg. Very annoying. But that wasn’t too bad, until a later email where they threw in a “there are no meals included” comment. Because they didn’t bother to submit the forms they had on time to the Vietnamese federation on time we don’t get food.

Oh, I also FedEx’d a box of jackets to Cung Le’s school last night. 2 day express. At a mere cost of a hundred bucks. Again, more stuff you would think they would handle.

In happier news we hosted a thanksgiving. Jacob and Joshua thought our house was a ton of fun, mostly because you could roughhouse in the basement. There was lots of building forts our of foofs (which, honestly, doesn’t work very well) and jumping on furniture and otherwise being crazy.

Nikki was being a dork, as she decided to play in the upstairs bathroom instead of having thanksgiving dinner with us. Amy was MIA due to a legitimate and painful excuse. But everyone else was there, we all crammed around a couple of folding tables that I stole from O-Mei and went to town. Food was awesome.

Jacob however decided he wanted to sit next to Neal at dinner — effectively knocking me down a peg on the coolest uncle scale.

Note to self: take out Neal.

Ack, work. BBL.