Orange line to Vienna

WARNING this post is needs revision, at this point it is more stream of thought than anything, so don’t read it if you want things like sentences that make sense.

I know I haven’t been writing like I used to, but things have been a little crazier than normal during my writing time. And by ‘writing time’ I mean at work. For the next couple weeks things are going to be (in the words of my boss) “balls to the wall” until we deliver what we need to on 12/1.

With that said, the work at the new company is fun. I am in your standard learn new stuff as fast as you can while trying to crank out what is needed. There seems that there is always going to be some sorta tangent to go off on-all the wile doing work-but not always what is prioritized. They make their proprieties very clear, but is it the other stuff that qualifies for either fun or impressive. And I am still having fun so I would really like to impress them.

I was thinking the biggest drawback to the new gig was the commute, and while at nearly an hour each way it is annoying, but half that time is on the train. Since I am typing this on the metro now, I don’t really feel that the time sitting on a train is really a waste. I like having the 30 minutes to relax, think through my day, listen to music, skim the paper and get ready to get to work. This is exactly what Dirk called. Like he said I can get to work and hit the ground running. Remember the only other time I had to cross state lines to get to work was at IMAKE, so my point of reference was the fair oaks/Bethesda commute. And that was Beef. Stew.

I have been sick for about a week now, some sort of bronchitis-like thing. Lots of nasty green flem and coughing. I woke up feeling much better today than I had for this past week, but I am going to go to my doctor today anyway. I figure the only reason I woke up feeling better was because I made an appointment. Plus I am going to try and milk as much out of this as I can. I am going to get them to look at the cyst on my writs as well as see if I can get any of my required Vietnam shots early. I would like to split up the shot is possible, just so I don’t have a bunch of them all at once. While I am there I really should see if I can get the EEG order for the hospital that the IWuF need.

I just need to get healthy so that I can start getting ready for this WWC. I am considering it a bad thing that my hip hurts when I cough. Honestly I think it has moved, it was a weird hip/abdominal pain a few weeks ago, but recently it feels more like a regular groin injury now. I am wondering if my body was compensating for the bad muscles or if I just went and hurt it on my own.

Speaking of wushu, I got to hang with James again. It had been something like 3 years. I was really glad to see him, and when I heard he was coming here with the Beijing wushu team tour I was homing we could get together. It seems he is doing well, and it was fun to catch up. We were even able to bond over our fun ZGF and CP stories. Trust me when I tell you, they were able to do to him in 4 days what took 2 years for me. It know it is bad, but deep down it was oddly satisfying when other people come to the same conclusion.

James is running this Beijing wushu team tour full time now, and he is looking to work full time for wushu. Not gonna coach, but wants to do some other work, he’s not really certain what or how, but something along the lines of promoting the sport in the bay aera. These work aspirations led us to a very interesting conversation about wushu and money. Since he is in volved in GetWushu we talked about that, and how it basically cateres to the elite wushu player, and that means there is very little money. Mostly because anyone at that level already goes to china and gets stuff there, or buys it from their coach. So Get Wushu is stuck supplying a few collegiate clubs and that’s about it. Either way this seems very interesting to me provoking a fair amount of thought. Hmmmmmm…..