I say we do it again tonight

I got my physical today, and am still waiting for my blood work back, but other than that I had a clean bill of health. So that was fun. Hopefully the little doctor’s note my doctor gave me will count as a “health certificate” for Vietnam.

I was also proud of myself for not getting all queasy when I had my blood taken. A week ago when they did the blood work I felt fine after the taking part, but then sitting there waiting for the next three shots I felt my blood pressure drop and got light headed. It is frustrating, because intellectually it doesn’t bother me at all. The thought of needles is not something that really bothers me, acupuncture is all fine an dandy. But you draw blood or give me a few shots and…blamo, I can’t see.

But everything is done, EKG was good, my blood pressure was a tad low, but perfectly normal. My doctor suggested that I get life insurance now since they have nothing to argue over.

Saturday was a super fun football day. I didn’t get to watch everything, but all was in favor of the Hokies. We stomped the Wahoos, and Miami lost to Gatech. What could be better? Maybe if Fresno St coulda hung on a little longer. But I will take what we got. Watch out FSU! Return of the Hokies (Lucas: because Hokies don’t take revenge).

Saturday also had a lot of drywall fun at Tom’s place. I felt all cool for my drywall know-how. Even though drywall is pretty easy, I made all the classic mistakes on the basement so Tom’s little patch work was easy. I am glad I didn’t have to deal with the spray on popcorn stuff.

We didn’t get to see Harry potter, much to Kelly’s dismay. It was sold out till real late. So maybe sometime this week.

This week is pretty much the last week of training. Next week is the week before worlds, so it will be all mental prep and walking through forms. Everything is ready, except for the duilian – so Stephon and I really need to train that hard. We worked on it some on Sunday before the pre-thanksgiving, so I am feeling pretty good about it.

Pre-thanksgiving was awesome. Riya’s house is awesome. I ate too much. Dave drank too much. It was just like a proper thanksgiving dinner. Kelly didn’t do all the cooking, but she did a bunch of it, and was super happy when everyone said how great the food was. It was all good, but I am going to go with my personal bias and say her stuff was outstanding. Dave’s proclamation of “I have had a bunch of pecan pies, but this is the best ever” really made her day. Eating pie really made my day. It was great to hang with everyone again. I hope we can do this every year. In fact, I say we do it again tonight!