Embassy of Vietnam

Submitted my (and stephon’s and coach’s) applications for our Vietnamese Visas today. It is pretty stinking confienant that I can walk to the embassy to drop that sorta thing off. Of course it was a frikkin long walk. According to google maps, it is only 1.5 miles, but it seemed longer. And as a bonus it didn’t get cold and rainy until after I made that little trek. We are supposed to get them back next friday (the 25th), then we gotta beat feet over to the China Visa office to get that one, because we leave the 6th. A little last minute excitement.

Stephon and I really need to train the hell out of our duilian. I am almost of the openion that we should do nothing but train that set until worlds — it is our best chance at a good placement, and we havn’t been doing it nearly long enough.

On a side note I am finally getting pumped about this whole worlds thing. Of course the side trip to china really helps.

Ack, gotta run, I need to cover for stephan tonight because he is doing the fund raiser at the silver diner. Lets hope he rakes in the money (Note: That fool keeps trying to split it for the entire team, but we wont let him).