Woes? I got your woes right here.

New workin’ is keepin’ me busy. I am still stuck at that point where I don’t know how they do stuff enough to really go and do stuff. So much to learn. I go though lines and lines of code trying to figure some stuff out and I just wind up with a headache – too may things to keep track of all at once.

Wushu is going again. I am trying to be cautious about getting back into things because of the hip. Friday I was feeling great so I went ahead and pushed a little. I wasn’t trying to stick my landings down in the full proper stances, but I was throwing the nandu. First Aerial Twists since TT, and they felt easy. XFJ’s felt a little sluggish, but the twists (both A’s and B’s) felt fine. Everything was great until after class when I noticed the hip was a little sore. Not too bad and by the end of Saturday (no training – watched a football game) I was feeling a little better.

Jammed finger is definitely better, unlike Jason’s (who claims his hasn’t improved at all). I still cannot slap, so it makes some things awkward. Like wheeling arms and slap kicks (go figure). I cannot wait for it to be 100% again. Just for jump fronts again.

Nikki stopped by this weekend before going off to the craziness that is the Demarco’s so we got to show her the basement. She was thoroughly impressed and went on how much Anthony would like it. That made me happy. We hung out and Neal even came over for some added fun. I helped him with his PC woes and we hit that thing with a stick. Eventually everything got backed up and working.

Monday was a nice present from my new employer as they decided (2 days before the weekend) that we shouldn’t work. So we didn’t. Instead I slept in, went to lunch with the wife and headed over to Sean’s place to deal with his computer problems. You sell a guy on how awesome linux is, but then if the flash plug-in audio cannot stay in sync when they watch Homestar then you are gonna promptly loose your convert.