Never saw it coming

I am feeling very uninspired recently, but I figure if Everett’s wedding doesn’t constitute a post then nothing does. So, in lieu of never writing again I figure I will make a quick post.

I had to leave work early so that I could jump on the metro and meet Kelly back at Merrifield so we could speed off to Richmond. By way of nasty traffic. It. took something like 4 hours. Who ever thought a Fredericksburg should go there was not a very smart guy at all.

So the trip where we got to go hang out at my parent’s house before the rehearsal turned into the trip where we went directly to the rehearsal. Thank God I printed directions from that side of town. Rehearsal went well enough, the wedding coordinator didn’t really seem to know what she was doing. I figure if I know the answers to the questions she was being asked better than she does, well, she doesn’t know too much about weddings. Men sand with hands at their sides, not together in front of the crotch. Aiya.

Dinner was nice, Kelly and I had big kickass filets.

I tried to make Everett go do something fun on his last night, but he was a bit more interested in pseudo-moping around. So I gave him his present early. The U-Chair for his Man Room. Told him how it made a nice guitar playing chair. He seemed to really like it. Whew. Try as I might, he would not go out. No bars. No stripper. No burritos. Nothing.

Ev woke up early and realized his phone was in the car that his woman took, so he walked to a pay phone to demand I come and get him NOW (about 9). I snoozed a bit and arrived over at his place at the planned 10. We got some breakfast at IHOP and found that Everett’s anxiety was largely hunger based. So with a less nervous Everett we headed off to the church for a little picture taking fun.

Nothing too exciting. I helped a few people with their tuxes. We took pictures. Ate a little bit of finger food. Got Everett married. Decorated his car (in a tasteful manner) and sent him off.

I was a little miffed that the reception was so abbreviated. There were no toasts, which was a little frustrating since I had been working on one. He was real ancy to get out of there, changing out of his tux early (he wore brown shoes for the cake cutting ‘cause his feet are too delicate). He just jumped in the car and took off. It’s like he had more important stuff to do.