Hetic days

OK, I have been busy da bee.

Searching everywhere for airline tickets to Vietnam. Prices vary so much from day to day, from company to company (same airlines).

Called firewood Jim a bunch, and finally set up a time to come over and pickup the wood. It took me an hour to load it up into Chester. And that was when he was no more than 5 feet away from the pile. Unloading it is going to be annoying. Right now it is sitting in the back of the truck with a tarp over it.

Kelly found a stove she wanted to look at in Sears. We went over there. I found a nice open box Kenmore Elite (+ convection) that was marked down nearly $600. We bought that, threw it in the back of the truck and hauled it home. That thing was heavy x 2, so tricked Tom into coming over and helping. Good thing too or it would be sitting in the back of the truck with a bunch of wood and a tarp.

Kelly was kind enough to go to home depot and talk to the appliance people to get me some Teflon tape and a flexible connector for the stove while i was picking up the firewood.

I never said this was gong to be chronological.

photoI installed the stove and everything appears to be working now. No leaks. No bubbles with soapy water. No smell. It makes fire real nice. Everyone say a quick prayer for me, just in case. Please.


Hokies played a great game and we squished BC politely. Bring on Miami! We even watched with one of Kelly’s work friends, Lori, who went to BC. Everything was nice and polite. Both team, even. This was not like UMD. No. Neal, your school makes our school not nice.

Wushu needs to be stepped up but every time I try that my hip gets worse. It has been slowly getting better but once it does I push it and I am on the Groin train. With stops at My-Hip-Hurts Junction and Xuanfengjiao-to-Mabu-Hurts-Me Station.

Lots of work to do at work town today. So I am off. Wish us luck as we must book our tickets today.