Progress is made

Last weekend we (Kelly, Neal, Paw Tullos and I) went nuts working on the basement. This weekend was much more fun than last. We did a lot of work both weekends only this time we were able to see progress. I do not like mudding and sanding repeatedly, with all the dust and neck wrenching and sanding with the monster only to finish up and notice that, yep, still got unfinished walls. This weekend was different. When we were done we noticed a big change. A lot of work is OK if there are good results to show for it.

We accomplished enough that we were able to set up the equipment and get the projector up and running. Which resulted in inviting people over and christen the basement with a football game. Hokies did it in the end, but it was a close game but we squeaked NC State for the win.


The work continues,
photowe still have some painting. There are some places that really could use some more mudding, but I may just pretend to not notice them. I have been tinkering with the AV stuff, getting the computer working on the projector was not so trivial.
I got it up and working for less than the price of the DVI cable. I just needed a new video card and the VGA cable. Done deal. Tonight we paint!

Oh, I did go to wushu. My hip/adductor is still bugging me. Doing jump outside kicks with the right leg make my left hip hurt. Holding in my left leg against the centripetal force can really aggravate it good. Plus, my hammies are sore from not training hard for a couple weeks. I really just need to take it easy for a wile, but we got a demo and worlds coming up quick.