Leverage true consultant synergy

I had an interview at the big super cool consultants on Tuesday. By super cool, I mean they think they are super cool. It was very interesting. They had a room with 18 or so tables set up and the just invited a bunch of job hunters to come and look around. The also promised free food, so I figured if anything I would get some free food out of it. I threw on a pair of dark brown kakis (can the sill be kaki if they are brown?) and my spiffy new blazer. A nice little brown on brown ensemble. The reason I bring this up is they are a consultant firm that creates a consultant first and they work hard and play hard and all that—so it is black and grey suits for all. Men and women. I was subtly sticking it to the man with my dressing down. I think this made a difference.

Of course the difference is prolly all in my head, and they saw I had on a 3 button jacket and didn’t think twice.

The interesting thing about this situation is that at first I didn’t know what to do or which tables I should go to. I flipped through the booklet that described all the different projects, and they were full of empty words like leverage and synergy. A bunch of business jargon spew. I sat at table one and they seemed to like me, they even made my final list (more on this later). I got up and was standing in the middle of the chaos trying to read my who does what book, and was approached by table 16 who wanted to know why no one was going to their table. I told them they didn’t have any pretty pictures in the description. They guy asked what I did. “Software developer.” “Oh, come on over!” Sat and talked for a little while, everything seemed to be going well. Not very interested in the work. The guy mentioned Trim, I said I worked with it at DARPA. They all flipped out, and immediately needed to go to a breakout room and interview me twice. Still don’t know why. But they were sure excited. Bunch of giddy ex-military guys. Then I had the most bizarre conversation with this crazy software architect guy. Hitting my with UML questions I had no idea about. I kept muttering “I’m lower level than that.‘ He promptly left at the end of a question. Awkward.

After that interview things picked up, I walked out of the breakout room and was approached by a recruiter who wanted me to go to their table. I did. Went well. I got up to go wander some and was approached by another HR guy, but his table person wasn’t there, so I went to the bathroom. On the way back to the table I had been requested for I was approached again, but said I needed to go talk to the first one first. I wound up talking for a long time to the last two, the event was closing and everyone was going home but a couple people stayed behind to talk. It was good to feel wanted. Fun stuff.